National Day of Unplugging

National Day of Unplugging is an annual holiday that promotes a 24-hour pause from technology.

Thanks to COVID-19 we’re more plugged in than ever. Taking a break from your screen can do wonders for your mind - and your body! Here’s a few ideas of how to spend your day, technology-free.

Get outside: Hike, bike, walk, run. Get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air!

Get creative: Spend time painting, making collages or journaling.

Read: Put the Kindle and the iPhone down and enjoy a non-fiction book or mystery!

Go places: Camp, head to the beach, or explore a different part of your city on foot.

Get cooking: Attempt one of the many recipes you’ve saved throughout quarantine.

Get some R & R: Treat yourself to a face mask and an at home mani while lounging in new Z Lounge.

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