Meet Our Makers: Daniella Manini

Daniella Manini is a Peruvian-born, California-based graphic artist and textile designer. Self-taught, with an educational background in advertising, Daniella’s portfolio bridges fashion, retail, interior design, youth culture, and media. Her work transcends scale: from large murals to original artwork on a piece of clothing. She draws her main inspiration from her love for the sea, her kids and the environment. Below, find out how she got her start and what inspires her in her business and everyday life!

Tell us about yourself and what inspired you to start your own business.

I have been designing since a very young age. It has always been my happy place. I have a Bachelor of the Arts degree which gave me a job in advertising. Soon after, I realized that I really wanted a profession that gave me the opportunity to have creative freedom, something that takes me to that happy place. Life brought me to California from Lima Peru where I grew up. I’ve been here for 17 years and this is where I found my profession. Following the paths of opportunities that were presented to me, I made a career in art within the fashion industry. It has been an incredible journey to look back and see how things unfolded ever since I moved to the United States. 

I currently work as a Senior Textile Designer for a clothing company,  but I wanted to share my personal passion with everybody so I created my shop. 

What makes your brand stand apart from others?

I have a personal style that has branded my work and made it unique. I also use the best quality paper in the market.

Where do you find inspiration for new products?

I am constantly working on new things and I find my inspiration in many different ways. Talking to old friends, going to used books stores and browsing through flea market finds, watching movies, being in the ocean, looking through old art I have created, talking to my kids, inspiration comes to me through living my life authentically and nurturing my curiosity. I’m a firm believer that to be able to find inspiration and to make new things you have to have a practice of creating constantly. Not everything is going to be good, but there’s that “click” moment where something just stands out.  

Share your proudest moment as a small business-owner.  

This summer I had a wholesale order for over 500 prints. It was a busy time and that made me proud, especially since it was an expansion to a market on the east coast (first time for me in the Hamptons). I started the business selling 15 prints a month and at that time I was so proud of myself too.   

What have you learned most about yourself through the process of building a brand?

To overcome insecurities and anxiety around what people think about me or my art. I think that is a huge block for many artists as our work comes from a personal space, at least for me. Sharing that was very hard for me at the beginning.

What advice would you offer to someone else looking to start their own business?

Not all closed doors are a bad thing, once you put your vision out there you are already manifesting what you want. You don’t have to know exactly what you want the business to become, what you really need is to believe in your product, even to fake it till you make it. Work hard, self doubt is normal. The right doors will open when the time is right and...don’t be a people pleaser, trust your gut.

How do you relax, refresh, and reinspire yourself?

I like to paint, clean my art tools, read, travel, get up and go somewhere, walk around, go to the beach. 

Why did the Z SUPPLY Marketplace feel like a good fit for you?

I love the Z SUPPLY Marketplace and feel like it’s a great fit because it will expose me to a large and diverse clientele that I have hoped to reach. Let’s see how it goes! 

Shop Daniella Manini for Z SUPPLY Marketplace x Rising Co. here.

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