Women Behind Z SUPPLY

At Z SUPPLY, we believe in the power of women supporting women. This International Women’s Day, we are celebrating how women unite in support of each other.  We believe that our collective strength unlocks limitless possibilities, allowing each of us the capability of achieving the extraordinary.  We are proud to spotlight the women behind Z SUPPLY’s products, who through teamwork, creativity, and inspiration, create our clothing and in turn serve confident women everywhere.

Our Merchandising and Design team is the driving force behind our brand’s success. They are responsible for the soft fabrications we are known for and the feminine silhouettes that you have grown to love. They bring our vision to life on a daily basis, creating collection after collection of pieces that we are so proud to wear and share with the world.

We had the pleasure of capturing the essence of our Merchandising and Design team in a special photoshoot this week, where we were able to dive deeper into what empowers them. Let’s hear directly from the inspiring individuals who make up this vital part of the Z SUPPLY team.

How does working within a women-led company empower you? 

It not only encourages my career growth but also keeps me motivated. Standing alongside these women is a daily reminder that women can do it all. I feel privileged to learn from them, receiving empathy, patience, and support within the Z SUPPLY family. - J.B.

Working alongside so many amazing women empowers me to work harder and inspires me to reach my goals. Shared experiences and challenges create a strong bond among us. It’s encouraging to show up for work knowing I can relate to each team member. - A.D.

By providing a supportive and collaborative environment where everyone's contributions are valued regardless of gender. - K.O.

By allowing me to work in a safe and encouraging space that diminishes gender stereotypes. - L.N.

We are open to risk, change, growth, flexibility, innovation, and transparency.  - T.Y.

How do you inspire others on your team?

I inspire others by encouraging them to understand that it takes all of us to make what we do come to life. We work in a creative role, so I inspire them to bring their creativity and not be stunted by challenges. The inspiration and support really comes from how we connect daily amongst each other and how we work together as a team, because if we didn’t have that, we wouldn't be able to do what we do today. - K.M.

I think that it is important to show genuine care and respect, so you hear people’s ideas, celebrate them, and you’re collaborative along the way. - K.S.

By fostering a culture of positivity, support, and recognizing their achievements and strengths. - K.O.

I inspire others by showcasing the strength and talent women bring to the industry. - A.A.

How do you build each other up? 

Building each other up is about noticing and appreciating the small things, like compliments or acknowledging achievements. At the end of the day, what really helps people feel empowered is noticing the little things that sometimes might otherwise go unnoticed. - E.E

We embrace a beehive mentality—failures and successes are shared, and no one gets left behind. We take care of our team. - D.F.

We continuously check in, lend an ear, and offer encouragement. We build genuine relationships with one another, and we truly want to see everyone succeed. We are each other’s biggest supporters, and we never give up! - J.B.

We are a true team and always try our best to share the workload with one another. It’s never about just one person’s work. It's always about how we can all work together to create the most amazing designs and products that we possibly can. - A.D.

There is a strong kinship. We communicate compassionately and make sure no one is left behind. We appreciate each other and trust our abilities. - C.Y. 

As we commemorate International Women’s Day, we extend our gratitude and well wishes to all of the incredible women out there who continue to inspire, empower, and uplift each other. Join us in celebrating the achievements of women everywhere. Happy International Women’s Day! 

If you are looking to join a team that values empowerment, creativity and collaboration, you can visit our Careers page to explore current opportunities. Together, let’s continue to make a difference and shape a brighter future for women everywhere.

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