The Mother's Day Series: Pia Baroncini

We’re continuing our celebration of motherhood with another woman who is an inspiration us as a brand and women-led company for a long time, Pia Baroncini. Pia is the host of Everything is the Best podcast, co-founder of Baroncini Import & Co, Creative Director of clothing brand LPA, and Chief Marketing Officer of Ghiaia Cashmere 


First and foremost, Pia is a loving mother and daughter who has created a home full of warmth and gratitude that she shares with her mom. "We never expected to be sharing this house in this life together, and it has truly been a dream,” she says. As both an influential woman in the fashion industry and a mom to a beautiful young child and another on the way, she inspires us in so many ways. 

Seeing the unique bond between her mother and daughter Carmela has been so special for Pia. “I am so happy to have the relationship that I have with her, we all are. She’s so timeless, she’s so chic, and she’s so fun. There really just is no one like my mama.”

Nothing bonds a mother and daughter like becoming a mother yourself. You reach a new level of adoration, understanding, and friendship like never before. It’s such a gift for us to witness their beautiful family and the generational love between mother and daughter, grandmother and granddaughter. We are honored to have partnered with them on our "To Mom, With Love" campaign this year.

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