The Mother's Day Series: Mary Lawless Lee

Mother's Day is a time to celebrate our forever heroes; the women who nurtured us, guided us, enriched our lives, and made us who we are today. Forever grateful for their unconditional love, wisdom, and strength, we launched a Mother's Day campaign titled "To Mom, With Love" this year that is centered around gratitude.



To help us highlight the joy and magic of motherhood, we've partnered with mother, writer, entrepreneur, and style icon, Mary Lawless Lee. On top of the busy job of being a mom of three, Mary is also the founder of the blog and brand Happily Grey and vegan skincare brand nēmah that was made for moms and babies. She also authored her autobiography Happily Grey: Stories, Souvenirs, and Everyday Wonders from the Life In Between

Mary is a modern superwoman whose authentic stories and candid moments have led to a massive following and loving community. Even after achieving so much since starting her blog in 2012 while she was an ICU nurse, Mary's relatability shines through everything she does.

We were excited to team up with her to highlight motherhood as it really is: a beautiful journey filled with ups and downs, twists and turns. In Mary's words, "Motherhood: part sitcom, part circus, all joy, and wouldn't change a thing." 

From embracing the experiences to navigating the challenges and loving each child for who they are, Mary's gratitude for motherhood grows deeper with every day that she spends with her children. She believes, "Every child is unique, and every parent is on their own extraordinary path."

Whether you're a mom or you're celebrating one, shop Mary's looks and curated gift collection for Mother's Day. 

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