The Mother's Day Series: Justine Cuenco Gustafsson

Next up in our Mother’s Day series is someone who is the true definition of what love looks like, Justine Cuenco Gustafsson. Justine is the digital content strategist, producer, and co-founder of Zyrco Creative. She is also a dedicated daughter and granddaughter whose story has inspired a community of followers, including us here at Z SUPPLY. 



Last year, Justine's mother suffered a hemorrhagic stroke, and Justine's life quickly shifted as she took on the role of caretaker for her mother and moved into her mother’s home alongside her husband and grandmother. The past year has been a long and challenging journey for their family, but it has been one full of courage and strength, love and hope. "Celebrating you this Mother’s Day feels closer to my heart than most years. As I grow older, I’m understanding more and more all the sacrifices that you’ve made in your lives for me," Justine says about her mother and grandmother. 

These three women have demonstrated what true love and sacrifice look like. To reroute your life to take care of another is what moms are called to do, but it’s not often we are called to do it for them in return as daughters. 

Justine was raised by her mom and grandmother, two single moms who came together to raise her in a new country. They’ve always been a team, and with each step they take in life together, their relationship becomes stronger. "I cherish every moment we have together, and I promise to always take care of you both as you took care of me," Justine says. While the road to recovery has brought its ups and downs, it has been beautiful to watch Justine's journey and the bond she shares with her mother and grandmother. 

This Mother's Day season, celebrate the women who’ve made the biggest sacrifices for you and give back to them. Start with a special gift from Justine's Mother’s Day edit.

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